About Gain

GAIN Pet Nutrition specialises in food for dogs and cats, providing a total nutrition offering for all dog and cat owners. Using the finest ingredients and advanced feed manufacturing technology, Gain Pet Nutrition offers high quality complete foods for both family pets and high performance working dogs.

What we believe

In 2012, Glanbia's team of nutritionists developed a new scientific approach to the feeding of pet dogs. They divided the entire dog population into five distinct groups based on their different nutritional requirements. Using the concept of precision nutrition, the team then formulated a specific premium food for each of the groups, collectively called the Elite Lifesize range.

Research & Development

Chris Miller who is one of Glanbia's nutritionists talks about Gain Pet Feed.

Quality Nutrition

Nutrition and quality are the cornerstones on which GAIN Pet Nutrition has been built, with our many years of experience in producing pet foods to cater for all breeds of cats and dogs. We constantly strive to incorporate the latest scientific research into our production techniques and product formulations to ensure that each bag of GAIN Pet Nutrition provides the best possible feed for your pet.