Switching your feed (Puppy – Adult – Senior)

Switching your feed (Puppy – Adult – Senior)

Your puppy is growing and it is time to switch over to an ‘adult’ diet.

Feed for puppies contains higher amounts of proteins and calories for their development stage of life.

Once your puppy reaches between six and twelve months old, they are near their full adult height and their nutritional requirements will change (the protein content within their feed should decrease). If you feel that your puppy is not eating as much of their food as usual, this is be because the high level of calories within the formulation is making them feel fuller with less food.

Your puppy’s stomach is sensitive. When switching your dog food, the new feed should be gradually introduced over a ten-day period to prevent any gut upset. Start by mixing a small amont of adult food in with the high protein puppy food and slowly decrease the puppy food whilst increasing the adult food.


These tips will also come in useful when your dog has reached between 6-8 years old (depending on breed & body weight) where you need to switch to a Senior product. The senior feed will focus on reducing the level of protein once again, but will increase other ingredients such as Glucosamine and MSM to maintain supple joints when your dog gets older.

GAIN Pet Nutrition’s Elite range offers your dog all of their nutritional requirements at any life-stage and weight. It is hypoallergenic and has a sensitive composition with top quality protein in the form of chicken or turkey.

An ingredient exclusive to GAIN dog food is TruCal, which provides a unique source of real calcium from milk to improve bone strength.

Other ingredients include prebiotics to improve digestive health, L-Carnatine to reduce the deposition of body fat and Omega -3 to ensure that your four-legged friend has a glossy coat.