Switching Feed

Switching Feed

Dogs do not get bored of food normally, but there are times when the need to switch food comes for different reasons such as moving through the life stages (a puppy to an adult, an adult to a senior product, a light product for dogs prone to weight gain).

When introducing your dog to a new food, you will need to gradually transition between the old and the new by mixing the existing food with the new food over a period of 7 days.

Why should I change feed? If you notice that your four – legged friend has a sensitive stomach and itchy skin or loose stools, perhaps a Grain – Free alternative would be an option. GAIN KINDNESS range is our a grain-free offering that comes brimming with select meats, vegetables, fruits and botanicals. Expertly formulated without grain, it naturally provides everything a thriving dog needs – in one complete, sensitive and hypoallergenic dog food.

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If your dog is on the GAIN SMALLDOGS PUPPY or GAIN BIGDOGS PUPPY, it may be time to switch to our GAIN SMALLDOGS ADULT or GAIN BIGDOGS ADULT. Our puppy products have extra protein which help puppies grow big and strong, whereas our adult ranges allow your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle with our expert-formulated food for adult dogs.

If you notice your dog is becoming overweight or is in their senior years, it may be time to try switch to GAIN Senior/Light. This product contains L-carnatine to manage weight control. It also includes a precise blend of Glucosamine, MSM and Omega oils to help with joint care and mobility in the older dog.

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