New routines for you and your pet.

New routines for you and your pet.

While we are all settling into these new routines that have come amidst the Covid – 19 crisis, we have some four-legged pals that aren’t sure why their routine has been disrupted (for the better).

While most pets are used to self-isolation when everyone is gone out to work or school, they are now experiencing a lot more attention and a lot more walks throughout the day, which is great.

We need to remember to look after our dogs and ensure that we are all adapting to our new regime in a healthy way. We have some top tips on how to keep your dog safe while you are working from home, but also ways to make it fun.

Laptop wires dangling from the kitchen table might be misconstrued as a wonderful new chew toy, so try to keep them out of the way from mischievous, playful pets.

The new desk may be a little closer to the snack drawer than your old one was to the canteen,  your pet had no one on hand to pass out the treats when you were away for the day. Do not give into begging when your dog is gazing at you with those ‘puppy dog eyes’. It will lead to treats becoming part of the routine and may result in your dog overeating and gaining weight.

A nice way to start your day, is to get outside for some fresh air with your pal (within the 2km boundaries), they will want to stretch their legs too. It will also tire them out for the morning so you can get some work done in peace.

Don’t ignore your dog throughout the day, try and have some ‘designated’ play times. They will want a cuddle just as much as you do when the 3pm slump kicks in. It may increase your productivity too.

Be flexible. It is a different environment than what most are used to. Do not be hard on yourself if you are finding it tough. Laugh at the funny bits. If your dog joins your conference call for a few minutes, do not worry. I am sure it cheered up others on the call too.

We have had some great pictures and vidoes sent in from followers on social media showing us there new work colleagues, we would love to see more so feel free to share on our social channels.

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