Heading back to work? Get your dog ready for their new routine!

Heading back to work? Get your dog ready for their new routine!

We have all spent a little or a lot of extra time at home recently and with that we have had a great opportunities to get to know our pets and spend more quality time with them. It has been great, hasn’t it?

With lockdown easing and restrictions being somewhat lifted, people are finding themselves getting back into some form of routine and with that, perhaps your dog who was once fine with being left to its own devices, is now feeling a little bit anxious about being left alone.

Anxiety is a common issue with dogs, more so than you would think. There are different types of anxiety such as fear and separation.

Now that your four- legged friend is more accustom to having you home, they don’t want you to leave.

There can be a number of symptoms to watch out for such as drooling, panting, digging holes, restlessness, aggression, howling or whining and potential ‘accidents’ amongst others.

Some helpful and simple tips to reduce separation anxiety include:

Training – This is not the routine your dog has been used to over the past few months. Begin by leaving them alone for a small amount of time and then build that time into longer periods.

Normality – Do not make a big fuss of leaving or coming home, there should be no long goodbyes or extravagant hellos.

Distraction – Give your dog a treat or a toy as you are leaving and take it off them once you come home. A long lasting chew toy may do the trick.

Familiarity – Leave out an item of clothing you have recently worn so your dog will have comfort in your scent and will be more relaxed.

Quite Time – We all need our space, including your pooch. While you are at home, let them sleep in another room so they can have their quiet time too.

If you are concerned that your dog is not themselves, we would always recommend seeking veterinary advice to rule out any possible underlying health issues.

When you do have the time to spend with your dog, ensure that you are engaging and interacting with them. Go for long walks/jogs, play fetch etc. this will ensure they are really tired at the end of the day but also really happy.